pink and purple sky with a brown mountain to the right edge. In the center foreground are the
						words 'Fate and the Fablemaidens' with a woman's silhouette sitting on the F in 'Fablemates';
						to the slight right of the title is three women's silhouettes inside an egg shaped outlet.

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IPM Special - Old Town Road

The world was destroyed. Over time, it was reborn over the ruins of time long past. Now, humanity has regrown cities and commerce -- a functioning society. Now, massive machines patrol the horizon -- a looming threat for day to day life. Now, Dynama swirls in the air -- a magic that can be beautiful and destructive. The secrets to the world’s end may be buried in ruins, protected by mechs, or hidden by the Dynama...Because though the world had recovered, it’s drastically changed. Kyle Devich (Prism Pals) and Aubrey Massey (If You Give a Mouse a Dagger) join Fate in a family-friendly game of Weave.

Our next episode will be released October 28th, 2019.

Arc cover by Ginny Case

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